CFA Rehabs Water Facility with Australian Grant

For the past few years, CFA’s physical facilities have been slowly deteriorating due to age. Among those that needed rehabilitation was its water storage and delivery system. Over time, CFA had to regularly perform corrective action – usually to remove rust and calcification – on its water system. The problem was posing a health hazard

A New Name for CFA

CFA has recently changed its corporate name from “Communication Foundation for Asia Media Apostolate” to “Communication Foundation for Asia Multimedia Center.” The new name reflects CFA’s involvement with media, not only to meet spiritual development, but for integral human development as well. In CFA’s view, “total” development embraces economic, social, political, educational, cultural and environmental

A Close Look at Why Filipinos are Poor

CFA will start this year the production of a video documentary series on poverty in the Philippines. The documentary will examine the roots of poverty, its impact on society, and the steps being done or proposed to alleviate it. The project is being funded by Stichting Rotterdam of the Netherlands. Poverty alleviation is one of

CFA Joins Catholic Cable Channel

CFA joined other Christian media institutions in organizing a dedicated Catholic cable channel, now known as “TV Maria.” TV Maria is part of the Dream Satellite system, which covers the whole Philippines. Dream Satellite started broacasting TV Maria on January 1 this year. Other institutions that have pooled their resources for TV Maria include Jesuit

Healing Christian-Muslim Conflict Through the Youth

Five centuries of conflict have divided Christians and Muslims in the Philippines. Elsewhere in the world, there is a similar fracture between these two cultures and religions. Several attempts have been made in the past to bridge the fap, but reconciliation seems to be elusive. CFA proposes to try a new approach, this time using

SLP Grant Boosts CFA’s Video/Audio Capability

A grant of €100,000 from Stichting Little Philippines (SLP) of the Netherlands in December 2005 enabled CFA to acquire new video and audio equipment. With the endowment, CFA purchased two Sony digital video cameras, a digital switcher, new lights for its TV studio, new mixing equipment for its audio studio, a new video editing platform,

GOSPEL Komiks Sparkles at 25

CFA celebrates Gospel Komiks Magazine’s 25 years of inspiring work and selfless service. July 2005 marked its silver year, a far leap from its beginnings in 1980. Gospel Komiks caters to High School and Grade School students in their faith journeys. Its regular sections are Christology, Theology of the Church, Sacramentology, Discovering the Bible and

Media Training Series Empowers the Church

CFA Training Center holds various workshops on media for diocesan media directors, MSC clergy and pastoral workers in its own media facilities, following a series of grants from Aid to the Chruch in Need, SIGNIS and Missie Procuur—The Netherlands. In February last year, Web Design and Development for the Archdiocese of Cebu ran on a