Our Common Denominator: PEACE

Christian and Muslim children spend their summer in search of an elusive peace Most of the victims in the ongoing conflict between Christians and Muslims in the South are young people.  Combatants – whether Muslim fighters or government soldiers – are typically in their teens to 30s.  The dead, the wounded and the imprisoned are,

Youth Peace Camp Bridges The Muslim-Christian Divide

Expressed in a brushstroke, a penned idea, a dialogue or two and through camera lens and bamboo, peace is what 29 Muslim and Christian students of Ramon Avancena High School truly aspire for. CFA, proponent of the Children and Peace project gathered youth participants in a summer peace camp last May 8-12 at Maryhill, Taytay.

CFA Annual Report 2005

2005 was a busy year in the revitalization of the Communication Foundation for Asia. New innovative projects were funded and launched; plans to upgrade electronic media facilities were approved; organizational changes were made, and a staff development program was initiated. CFA achieved major breakthroughs in project support in 2005. Project partnerships with seven new agencies