Environmental Advocacy Gains Spiritual Ground

CFA launched its 2007 Coffeehouse Environmental Series at the CFA Auditorium on the 23rd of February, before an audience of young and adult participants. Aptly titled “Church and the Environment and Sustainable Development,” the forum provided a spiritual foundation to environmental advocacy and gave practical significance to it through the concept of sustainable development. The

CFA to produce a Reality TV Series on the Election

Communication Foundation for Asia (CFA) is producing a TV Series composed of three episodes about the coming election. Taking the format of a reality game show, it aims to emphasize the value of every citizen’s vote. Veteran filmmaker Clodualdo Del Mundo, Jr will direct the program. Game participants would be challenged to do deep and

Film Meets Faith in CFA

Jesus movies”, “crucifix symbols”, “Christ figures” and “Jesus figures” were just some of the terms that 116 participants became very familiar with during the three-day spiritual journey that they took with Fr Peter Malone, MSC, at the recent “Film and Faith” seminar. Organized by the Communication Foundation for Asia with funding support from Signis, the

The Coffeehouse Reopens

Communication Foundation for Asia (CFA) invites you to the Coffeehouse Environmental Forum on the topics Church and the Environment and Sustainable Development. It will be held on February 23, 2007, Friday, 1:30-5:30PM at the CFA Auditorium, 4427 Old Sta. Mesa, Manila. Resource persons are Fr. Reynaldo Mabute, Executive Director of Sorsogon Social Action Foundation and