Parable Of The Lamp

Today’s Gospel:  Mark 4:21-25 REFLECTION “To the one who has, more will be given, from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away” The “Lamp” is the Word of God that enlightens the rooms of our lives.  Once enlightened, we share in its richness, we become inspired and responsible to

What Kind Of Soil Have You?

Today’s Gospel:  Mark 4:1-20 REFLECTION Today’s Gospel speaks of the parable of the sower. Jesus explained that the seed is the gospel of the kingdom, and the soil is the human heart.  Try examining the condition of your heart.   Is it as hard as a rock, or is it soft and pliable as tissue?  Stony,

A Larger Family

Today’s Gospel:  Mark 3:31-35 REFLECTION As Jesus’ popularity grew, it was difficult to get close to the Lord, for great crowds were around Him. Someone recognized the family of Jesus and carried the news to the Savior, saying, “Behold, thy mother and thy brethren without seek for thee.” The Lord was very thoughtful when He

We Are One And Strong In God

Today’s Gospel:  Mark 3:22-30 REFLECTION Conventional wisdom tells us that any structure is built upon itself. Thus, it is only as strong and lasting as its own foundation. This principle governs not only the physical but also and more importantly, the spiritual realm of our existence. Our lives stand on solid ground, that is, God’s

The First Four Players of Jesus’ Team

Today’s Gospel:  Matthew 4:12-23 REFLECTION As we read today’s Gospel, let’s imagine that morning when Jesus walked by the sea of Galilee, and as He went, He saw and called four young men to be the first disciples. His choice was admirable. Jesus saw Simon, called Peter, and Andrew his brother; James, the son of

Be Different And Be Lonely

Today’s Gospel:  Mark 3:20-21 REFLECTION In today’s Gospel, Jesus – as his public ministry was gaining momentum – earned the contempt of his critics.  It never fails: Try to move up, try to be different, and you will earn contempt from those whose toes you accidentally step on in the process.  In the case of

Go! Be Doers Of The Word

Today’s Gospel:  Mark 16:15-18 REFLECTION If a person is a hearer of the Word, yet not obedient to it, that person not only deceives others.  He deceives himself as well.  The Bible says to witness. “Witness” means do it! In the great commissioning in today’s reading, the apostles are commanded to preach the gospel to

No Retreat, No Surrender

Today’s Gospel:  Mark 3:7-12 REFLECTION Today’s Gospel describes how Jesus gained in popularity as soon as he started his public ministry. The impact made by Jesus of Nazareth upon the population of Palestine can only be described as sensational. Four centuries had passed since the appearance of Malachi, the last of the Old Testament prophets,

Follow The Law That Gives Life

Today’s Gospel:  Mark 3:1-6 REFLECTION In law, there is a rule of statutory construction referring to the maxim, “It is not the letter that kills, but the spirit that gives life” which should prevail. It dictates to anyone that practices a particular law a deeper sense of understanding, justice, even love. But in life, we

Legalism Or Love…Christ And The Sabbath

Today’s Gospel:  Mark 2:23-28 REFLECTION It was the sabbath day; there was rest upon the countryside. The Lord and His disciples were strolling through the cornfields, when casually some of the disciples began to pluck the corn. They were hungry; perhaps they had been too busy to eat. It was permissible to take a neighbor’s