Love Of God And Neighbor

Today’s Gospel:  Mark 12:28-34 REFLECTION It is interesting to compare the accounts of the incident in today’s Gospel, as given by Matthew and Mark. Matthew writes: “But when the Pharisees had heard that He had put the Sadducees to silence, they were gathered together. Then one of them which was a lawyer, asked Him a

A House Divided Against Itself

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 11:14-23 REFLECTION Each miracle performed by Jesus (such as that described in today’s Gospel) increased the problems of the Pharisees who were against Him. It was one thing to refute His teachings but quite another to deny the miracles which thrilled people every day. They could argue against His teachings, but it

Christianity Is Meant To Be Enjoyed

Today’s Gospel:  Matthew 5:17-19 REFLECTION To understand today’s Gospel, it is necessary to be aware of what is meant by “the law.” The Bible refers to (1) The Law of God and (2) The Laws of Moses, but they also mention two others. The Law of God was contained in the Ten Commandments given to

Missed Opportunities

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 4:24-30 REFLECTION Possibly in the crowded days at the commencement of the Lord’s work, many things were apt to become overlooked and forgotten, and we are indebted to Luke for rescuing something which might otherwise have been lost forever. The quotation of the proverb “Physician, heal thyself” refers back to the reading

The Unforgiving Servant

Today’s Gospel:  Matthew 18:21-35 REFLECTION We easily take for granted whatever favors come our way; fear can make us concentrate narrowly on ourselves and we forget the goodness that has come to us. When that happens, we may not treat others with the same generosity God has extended to us.  God is not personally vindictive,

To Sow And Reap God’s Kingdom

Today’s Gospel:  Jn 4: 5-42 or 4:5-15, 19-26, 39, 40-42 REFLECTION Whenever I think about the harvest season back home, happy scenes come flashing in my memory. I would recall my uncles and male cousins jovially boasting about how tall the bananas have grown. I would see the sun-burnt and smiling face of my grandmother

The Prodigal Son Revisited

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 15:1-3, 11-32 REFLECTION Jesus was certainly a Master-Preacher, as will be noted in today’s Gospel. Let it be remembered again that His enemies had charged the Lord with fraternizing with Publicans and sinners, who had indeed joined themselves to the Roman occupiers. It was true that at the moment they seemed to

“Who You Say I Am?”

Today’s Gospel:  Matthew 16:13-19 REFLECTION “Whom do men say that I the Son of man am?” Jesus asked his disciples in today’s Gospel. Did Jesus ask this question because He was unaware of the reactions of the multitudes, or was the question a means to an end? The impact of the Lord upon the following

We May Be Punished For What We Do Not Do

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 16:19-31 REFLECTION Today’s Gospel (about poor Lazarus and the rich man) provides a picture of the things believed by the Jews about punishment in the afterlife. The fact that the rich man spoke of torment seems to indicate that suffering is a very real thing in the hereafter. Whether or not these

To Gain Rewards, We Must Earn Them

Today’s Gospel:  Matthew 20:17-28 REFLECTION Today’s Gospel is interesting, because the accounts supplied by Matthew and Mark appear to be at variance. Mark insists that the special request for seats of honor within the kingdom was made by James and John (see Mark 10:35–45). Matthew tells us it was their mother who asked this favor