A New Band Of Preachers

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 10:1-12 REFLECTION In today’s Gospel, Jesus seems to be saying that one dispensation was ending and another was beginning. As God had appointed the 12 patriarchs to be the leaders of His earthly people, so now the Son of God was instituting a new era: He was replacing the old leaders with

Let The Dead Bury The Dead

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 9:57-62 REFLECTION The words in today’s Gospel (of having “the dead bury the dead”) belong to the second in the group of three incidents in which Jesus impresses on potential followers the absolute priority of the claims of the kingdom of God over everything else. Here he calls on a man to

Loyalty To Jesus Demands Sacrifice

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 9:51-56 REFLECTION God’s grace sets us free — from intolerance and prejudice and from everything that would keep us from following him.  When Jesus made preparations to enter a Samaritan village he was met with opposition, no doubt because Jews and Samaritans had been divided for centuries. Jesus’ disciples were indignant and

CFA Video Salutes “Candles in the Dark”

A few good men and women of courage are among the subjects of CFA’s upcoming video documentary entitled “Candles in the Dark: Lessons in Good Governance.” The personalities featured are: Ed Panlilio, Grace Padaca, Jesse Robredo and Heidi Mendoza. Last year, the people of Pampanga voted Ed Panlilio – a priest-on-leave – governor of the

Watch for Film and Faith 3 with Fr Malone in January

After the tremendous success of the first two seminars, Fr. Peter Malone, MSC, will return to Manila in January 2009 to conduct the third workshop on Film and Faith, this time with a week-long Film Festival of award-winning Signis films. Film and Faith 3 will be held at the Communication Foundation for Asia on January

The Rewards of Pondo Sharing

Four out of 171 entries have been given awards in the Poster Design Contest organized by the Communication Foundation for Asia for the benefit of Pondo ng Pinoy (PnP). The panel of judges for the contest, which was open to young students, was headed by no less than Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, with the help of

CFA Forum Plugs “Green” Building

After tackling such natural environmental issues as water, air, oil, mining and many others, the CFA Environmental Forum Series turned its sights on our man-made environment when it tackled “green building” last August 22nd. Green building is an industry trend, signifying structures built in an ecological and resource-efficient manner, according to Architect Christopher De La

CFA Revives Pastoral Music

In CFA’s recent gatherings for its Catechetical Congress and church communication workshops, there has been a noticeable demand for original pastoral and catechetical music. In response to this expressed need, CFA is re-issuing all of its music productions in time for the Christmas season. The Communication Foundation for Asia initiated its Pastoral Music Program in

Pondo ng Pinoy Booklet Launched

Pondo Stories is the title of the special 80-page compilation of the Pondo ng Pinoy booklets recently published by the Communication Foundation for Asia. Five 16-page booklets, full of inspirational articles and illustrated stories, were originally distributed to 80,000 students all over the country who subscribed to Gospel Komiks Magazine in the school year 2007-2008,

The Gate Of Heaven

Today’s Gospel:  John 1:47-51 REFLECTION In today’s Gospel, what is meant by the angels “ascending and descending on the Son of Man”? Nathanael was not talking about angels, although he had been convinced by Jesus’ prophetic insight into his life that Jesus was indeed the Messiah. Now Jesus responds to him, saying in effect, “You