Deeds That Pass The Test Of Fire

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 14:12-14 REFLECTION To give anything in the hope that the recipient would return more, was not really to give. There could be no harm in inviting one’s neighbor to a feast (as today’s Gospel narrates); it could hardly be displeasing to God to have fellowship with one’s family. The man who ministers

Sheep And Goats

Today’s Gospel:  Matthew 25:31-46 REFLECTION In today’s Gospel, the Lord used the common illustration of the sheep and goats. These animals still graze and run together in Israel just as they did when Jesus was upon the earth. The goats are generally black, and the sheep dirty white; they are easily distinguished either from the

The Beatitudes

Today’s Gospel:  Matthew 5:1-12 REFLECTION Today’s Gospel is among the most important parts of the Bible. Here, Jesus reveals to His audience the characteristics to be manifested in the life of every disciple. Jesus, having called His followers, thought it necessary to instruct them; they could hardly teach others if they remained unaware of the

The Law Of Love Supersedes The Law Of Rest!

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 14:1-6 REFLECTION The “Sabbath rest” was meant to be a time to remember and celebrate God’s goodness and the goodness of his works, both in creation and redemption. It was a day set apart for the praise of God, his work of creation, and his saving actions on our behalf. It was

Weeping For Jerusalem

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 13:31-35 REFLECTION During Jesus’ time, the Jews divided the Pharisees into seven different classes. (1) THE SHOULDER PHARISEES. These wore their good deeds on their shoulder, and performed them to be seen of men. (2) THE WAIT-A-LITTLE PHARISEES. They could always find a good excuse for putting off a good deed until

A Giant Tree From A Small Seed

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 13:22-30 REFLECTION The mustard seed mentioned in today’s Gospel is indeed very small but in the Middle East where the climatic conditions favor the plant, the mustard tree has been known to reach a height of 12 feet. Its branches are often so strong that the birds can indeed find shelter in

You Are Called And Chosen…For A Purpose

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 6:12-16 REFLECTION In today’s message, Jesus chose 12 regular and ordinary men out of hundreds who followed him and then designated them as apostles. Apostle means “messenger” and also “ambassador.”  It was these men who changed the course of human history by bringing the message of Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection to

When God Finally Brings Relief

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 13:10-17 REFLECTION The Jewish laws relating to work on the sabbath day were both confusing and ridiculous, but in today’s Gospel the statement made by the President of the Synagogue was even more stupid. Had the people taken his advice and returned to the synagogue the following day, they would have gone

The Great Commandment

Today’s Gospel:  Matthew 22:34-40 REFLECTION The real foundation upon which all legal and religious matters rested was the Ten Commandments, but these were insufficient to meet the requirements of Israel. The books of Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy mention many additional laws which became guidelines for the judges before whom various law suits were brought. To

Don’t Wait For The “Last Chance”

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 13:1-9 REFLECTION During the time of Jesus, it was not unusual for fig trees to be planted in vineyards. However, its presence amongst the vines indicated strong personal desires of the husbandman to have it there. The vineyards were an industry providing the finances necessary for the maintenance of the home; the