Be Watchful…Christ Is Coming!

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 21:29-33 REFLECTION Up until today’s Gospel, Jesus has been talking about future events.  Though we are given hints about when he will come again, we are never told the date nor the hour — but what Jesus tells us clearly, again and again, is what we must DO: “Be always on the

More Forewarning Of Terrible Times

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 21:20-28 REFLECTION It is a known fact that during the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in AD 70,  the majority of the Christians were spared the slaughter which fell upon their kinsmen. Remembering Jesus’ warning, and recognizing the signs He had mentioned, they left the city and fled across the Jordan

A Forewarning Of Terrible Times

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 21:12-19 REFLECTION Today’s Gospel is not an easy scripture to interpret. It should be remembered the Lord was able to scan the future; to see at a glance things which would take centuries to unfold. Some of His predictions have yet to be fulfilled, and this fact has caused confusion. The primary

Seek God…Not Signs!

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 21:5-11 REFLECTION We hear in today’s Gospel that the Jews asked Jesus for a sign that would indicate when the end would occur.  Jesus foretold many signs of God’s action and judgment; there will be plenty of signs pointing to God’s ultimate judgment — wars, famines, diseases, earthquakes, etc., but he admonished

It’s Not The Amount Of Gift Or Service

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 21:1-4 REFLECTION In the second court of the Jerusalem temple, in the court of the women, were fixed 13 chests, with inscriptions directing to what use the offerings in each were allotted. Into one of these the widow of today’s Gospel cast her two mites. These offerings were made at the three

Another Discussion Of Sheep And Goats

Today’s Gospel:  Matthew 25:31-46 REFLECTION Today’s Gospel is the third of three illustrations regarding the return of Christ to earth. Whether or not they were all spoken in sequence as one lengthy discourse, is of little importance. The entire sermon of illustrations could have been delivered at one time or, this could be another example

A Different Kind Of Love Life

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 20:27-40 REFLECTION The religious life of Israel was largely divided into two classes: the Pharisees and the Sadducees, but in many instances these groups were far removed from each other. For the most part the Pharisees were the theological element in the nation and remained content with any kind of government which

Make Your “House Cleaning”…Now!

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 19:45-48 REFLECTION In today’s Gospel reading we hear Jesus’ cleaning out the temple where the religious system and temple economy takes place. He drives out the vendors and money-changers.  In this incident we see Jesus’ startling and swift action in cleansing the temple of those who were using it to exploit the

God In Tears

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 19:41-44 REFLECTION Across the valley of the Cedron lay the city of Jerusalem with its temple roof glistening in the light of the setting sun. The streets were moderately quiet for the hush of evening was settling upon the homesteads. Yet on the overlooking hill things were different. A crowd followed Jesus,

The Parable Of The Pounds

Today’s Gospel:  Luke 19:11-28 REFLECTION Today’s Gospel is of great interest because it appears to have been based upon a well-known historical event. When Herod the Great died, his kingdom was divided between Herod Antipas, Herod Philip, and Archelaus. The division of the inheritance was not legally valid until it had been ratified by the