Jesus Calms the Storm

Today’s Readings: Gen 19:15-29, Mt 8:23-27 REFLECTION Seeing the crowd around him, Jesus has given orders to cross the other side. He wishes to escape from the crowd and rest a bit. He leads the way into the boat and the disciples follow. And he does gets the rest he seeks: he is sleeping soundly

Be Healed

Today’s Reading: Ws 1:13-15, Mk 5:21-43 REFLECTION In today’s Gospel Jesus comes in contact with the death of a youth who is called to live. The Child is not dead but asleep”. She sleeps hoping that Christ will awaken her, like those believers who somehow “sleep” awaiting the resurrection. The truly and dead are those

As You Have Believed – Let It Be Done For You

Today’s Readings: Gn 18:1-15, Mt 8:5-17 REFLECTION That Jesus believe they have an inherent right to share in the messianic banquet in God’s reign. They look down on non-Jews, the uncircumcised and unclean Gentiles who cannot share in the benefits promised to the chosen race of Abraham. In today’s Gospel Jesus proves this common notion

Be Bold and Daring

Today’s Readings: Gn 17: 1.9-10. 15-22, Mt 8: 1-4 REFLECTION God himself in Jesus Christ had come down to cure humankind. Because this work would be very long and painful, it was necessary to provide some visible signs to help people believe in this almost imperceptible healing. Jesus ought to heal sick persons and even

The True Disciple

Today’s Readings: Gen 16:1-12. 15-16, Mt 7:21-29 REFLECTION In the day of judgement many will say to me . . . Jesus refers to members of the Church and especially to the influential ones who are highly regarded by others and by themselves. Whether we teach or work miracles, these abilities and ministries given us

The Lord is Gracious

Today’s Readings: Acts 13:22-26, Lk 1:57-66. 8 REFLECTION Today we celebrate the feast of St. John the Baptist, the herald of Jesus. The name “John” means “the Lord is gracious”. It says in the Gospel, “For surely the hand of the Lord was with him.” And indeed it was. From conception until his death, we

The End Does Not Justify The Means

Today’s Readings: Gn 13:2.5-18, Mt 7:6.12-14 REFLECTION “Do not throw your pearls to the pigs“. Jesus addressed this warning to his followers living in a hostile world. In no instance did Jesus say whether those who would share in eternal life would be many or few. But he said many times that the very few

Remove The Plank In Your Eyes… See The Goodness In Others

Today’s Readings: Gen 12: 1-9, Mt 7: 1-5 REFLECTION We hear in today’s gospel passage Jesus telling us to”Judge not…”  The teaching of Jesus in this passage though is concerned with the attitude of a man, and not a complete absence of our judgment. Jesus is forbidding the judging that is for the purpose of putting

Have Faith

Today’s Readings: Jb 38:1.8-11, Mk 4:35-41 REFLECTION Jesus does not reprimand the disciples for their fear of the storm but for not overcoming their fear. For they, together with Jesus, were working for the Kingdom. Jesus’ disciples admired him greatly as we admire, a champion, a leader or a saint. This showed that they did

Love Makes Perfect

Today’s Readings: Is 61:9-11, Lk 2:41-51 REFLECTION When God the Father sent his Son into the world, he villed that his Son be born into a human family. Because God is love, he willed that the family that Jesus would embrace be a family of love. When Jesus was big enough to make a pilgrimage