Culiat High School Peace Campers Light the Path for Peace

Newly-designated peace ambassadors representing Culiat High School (CHS) who attended the 2009 CFA Peace Camp began their quest to spread the message of peace when they held a program for fellow CHS students in their school conference hall last July 24th. The CHS Peace Campers’ program was shown separately to two batches of high school

Communication for Evangelization

By His Eminence Jaime L. Cardinal Sin Welcome Homily of His Eminence Jaime L. Cardinal Sin, Archbishop of Manila, at the inaugural mass for the General Assembly of UNDA, in Manila, on 1 November 1980. From the book Communication and Development, published by the Communication Foundation for Asia, 1981 My dear friends, to welcome you

DevCom – An Integral Element in Any Development Model

By Atty. Ramon A. Tagle, Jr. General Manager of CFA, 1980-84 (Abridged from the book “Communication and Development”, published by the Communication Foundation for Asia: Manila, 1978) Development Communication or “DevCom” cannot be regarded as a model for development. Development communication, for all its nobility and potency, cannot develop a country and its people. It

Introduction to Development Communication: Its Philosophy and Approach

By Fr. Cornelio Lagerwey, MSC Founder of the CFA Media Group (From the book, Monographs on Development Communication, published by the Communication Foundation for Asia: Manila, 1990) The rationale behind development communication is to place communication and media technology in the service of development. What is development? What is behind this concept? Development is usually

A Theory of Development Communication

By Genaro V. Ong, Jr. Managing Director of CFA, 1973-78 (From the book “From the Village to the Medium”, published by the Communication Foundation for Asia: Manila, 1976) THE IDEA BEHIND IT Development communication is founded on an idea. The idea is, to put the modern media of social communication at the service of development.


National Youth Songwriting Contest Launched

UPDATE: You can now vote for your “Awit Ng Mga Bagong Bida” song by clicking here. ___________________ CFA has announced the rules and launch of its first National Youth Songwriting Contest called “Awit ng Mga Bagong Bida”. The final contest winners are expected to be announced at a concert during the Bidahan II Youth Conference


Community Journalism and Desktop Publishing Workshop

The Publications team of CFA’s CMMA award-winning Gospel Komiks and Pambata magazines will be conducting Community Journalism and Desktop Publishing this Aug. 17-21, 2009. A total of 22 catechists and educators from different dioceses will be participating in the workshop and they will be expected to learn how to publish their own newspapers, bulletins, magazines,

Who Do You Say I Am

31 July 2009 Today’s Readings: Lv 23:1.4-11 . 15-16 . 34-37, Mt 13: 54-58 REFLECTION Jesus brief visit to his home town is met with astounding opposition. Those who hear Jesus’ teachings and the account of the miracles he has done are amazed. They wonder about the source of his power and wisdom. Jesus is

Are You With or Against God?

30 July 2009 Today’s Readings: Ex 40:16-21, 34-38 Mt 13:47-53 REFLECTION Today’s Kingdom parable points to the end of time. When will the end be? That, of course, we do not know – fortunately! But one thing we do know is that our own end will come in a relatively short time, even if we

Only One Thing Is Needed

29 July 2009 Today’s Readings: Ex 34:29-35, Lk 10:38-42 / Jn 11:19-27 REFLECTION Today’s world offers so many distractions. Growth in technology has made our world more complicated than it was a couple of decades ago. Because of real-time communication through mobile phones and internet, demands for our time double up. People need things from