Asian Training for Global Media Monitoring Held at CFA

Ten women from nine of the Asian countries participating in the 4th Global Media Monitoring Project (GMMP) attended the recent workshop on Media Monitoring Methodology organized by the Communication Foundation for Asia in partnership with the Toronto-based World Association for Christian Communication (WACC). The training was held at the CFA Training House on October 15th


Film and Faith 4: Spirituality in Asian Film

For the fourth consecutive year, CFA will be offering the Film and Faith Seminar with Fr. Peter Malone, MSC, to be held on January 11-13, 2010 at the CFA Lagerwey Hall from 9:00a.m. – 5:00p.m., with free film screenings at 5:30p.m. F&F4 will focus on Spirituality in Asian Film, with Fr. Malone discussing the setting

To Be Discipled and Make Disciples

30 November 2009 Today’s Readings: Romans 10:9-18/Matthew 4:18-22 REFLECTION Today’s Gospel passage we find the beginning of Jesus’ preaching ministry(v.17). Recorded in this passage is his recruitment of Peter, Andrew, James and John. Each of these disciples were fishermen, and Jesus met them as they tended their nets on the shores of the Sea of

Suffering is a Doorway to Something Beautiful and Joyful

29 November 2009 Today’s Readings: Daniel 7:13-14/John 18:33-37 REFLECTION The Gospel reading is not a literal picture of what will happen at the end of the world but is a literary presentation of the destruction of evil at the coming of the Lord Jesus. The grim picture painted, although frightening, really signifies that in the

Be Vigilant At All Times

28 November 2009 Today’s Readings: Daniel 7:15-17/Luke 21:34-36 REFLECTION In today’s Gospel, Jesus says; “ Be vigilant at all times “. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever. To him belongs time and all the ages. Our journey, our pilgrimage to the Father continues. It starts again in the new century with new vigour

Stand Firm… Hold On To His Words

27 November 2009 Today’s Readings: Daniel 7:2-14/Luke 21:29-33 REFLECTION Jesus has come proclaiming the arrival of the Kingdom of God. He shows forth the signs; defeat of demons, healing of the sick, reintegration of the outcasts in society, forgiveness of sinners. Rather than signalling the defeat of the good, his death bears the seed of

The End Times – Are You Prepared?

26 November 2009 Today’s Readings: Daniel 6:12-28/Luke 21:20-28 REFLECTION Today’s Gospel passage we hear Jesus speaks about the judgment at the end of the world. Jesus continues his warnings of what is to come. Jesus is emphasizing not so much the actual events but rather their cause – the faithlessness and corruption of so many

Persevere Till The End

25 November 2009 Today’s Readings: Daniel 5:1-6.13-14.16-17.23-28/Luke 21:12-19 REFLECTION Jesus speaks to his disciples about the expected violent persecutions from the hands of both the Jews and the Romans. They will be accused and imprisoned because of Jesus’ name.They will be handed over by their family or friends whom they have detached themselves by becoming

The Time Has Come

24 November 2009 Today’s Readings: Daniel 2:31-45/Luke 21:5-11 REFLECTION Jewish religious authorities give more emphasis to the material- the building itself, the burnt sacrifices, the meticulous observance of the law, the bustling commerce in the temple area. They neglect the essential thing like mercy and compassion for widows who are still required to give to

Love is More Precious than Gold

23 November 2009 Today’s Readings: Daniel 1:1-20/Luke 21:1-4 REFLECTION Today’s Gospel passage we hear Jesus praised a poor widow who gave the smallest of coins in contrast with the rich who gave greater sums. Love doesn’t calculate; it spends lavishly! Jesus drove this point home to his disciples while sitting in the temple and observing