Film and Faith 4 Seminar Explores Spirituality in Asian Films

Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim and Hindu spirituality and traditions, as portrayed in films from various Asian countries, were the focus of the seminar on “Spirituality in Asian Film” conducted by the Communication Foundation for Asia last January 11-13, 2010.  A total of 73 teachers, priests, nuns, pastoral workers and film buffs from the Philippines, Malaysia and


Watch the Livestream of the Second National Congress of the Clergy

Today, January 25, 2010, is the start of the Second National Congress of the Philippine Clergy. The theme of the five-day gathering is “Faithfulness of Christ, Faithfulness of Priests” and its objective is to “provide the priests with a deep and religious experience that would lead to a spiritual conversion and greater commitment.” Around six

Can Entertainment Educate Us?

By Peter Malone, MSC (From Chapter 2 of the book Film and Faith, published by the Communication Foundation for Asia: Manila, 2008) One often hears it said, “I go to a film to be entertained, not to be educated. I don’t go to look for problems.” The other extreme from escapism-entertainment, (which also sends shivers

“People of God” Means People Filled with Love

31 Jan 2010 Today’s Readings: Jer 1:4-5, 17-19/Lk 4:21-30 REFLECTION There were diverse reactions to Jesus’ preaching in the synagogue: some were awed by his gracious words, some spoke highly of him, but some rejected him and outrightly disliked him because of his personal background. There were those who were perhaps suspicious of Jesus because

Let Your Light Shine

28 Jan 2010 Today’s Readings: 2 Sm 7:18-19, 24-29/Mk 4:21-25 REFLECTION People light lamps when it is dark, and do so in order to see. Lampstands are used to make the light more prominent. We are called by the Lord to do it as disciples, as the church we are the lampstand. Today’s Gospel talks

Let the Spirit Be Upon You

24 Jan 2010 Today’s Readings: Neh 8:2-4a, 5-6, 8-10/LK 1:1-2; 4:14-21 REFLECTION The Gospel speaks of Jesus in a synagogue and is invited to preach. He chooses a passage from Isaiah, the one which illustrate the general program of his new mission. The passage from Isaiah fits Jesus perfectly. “The Spirit of the Lord is

Do Great Deeds… Let the Crowd Follow You

21 Jan 2010 Today’s Readings: 1 Sm 18:6-9; 19:1-7/Mk 3:7-12 REFLECTION There are no words to express what it means to be with crowds of people and in crowds of people when you are ministering and are the object of the crowd’s attention. Jesus had crowds almost all the time with Him. Wherever Jesus went

Lessons on Fasting and Feasting

18 Jan 2010 Today’s Readings: 1 Sm 15:16-23/Mk 2:18-22 REFLECTION The gospels do not present Jesus as an ascetic figure who made much of fasting. The focus of fasting is not on physical deprivation, certainly not for Jesus and his disciples. It is not that Jesus forbade it, but that Jesus thought the inner spirituality

Like Jesus… Sumbit to the Authority of Your Parents

17 Jan 2010 Today’s Readings: Is 62:1-5/Jn 2:1-11 REFLECTION After Jesus’ infancy, we do not read anything about his early childhood. In today’s Gospel, we take a glimpse of the 12-year old Jesus and a superficial reading of the gospel would make us conclude that Jesus’ boyhood is anything but ordinary. Let us remember that

Be Healed, Cleansed and Be Changed

14 Jan 2010 Today’s Readings: 1 Sm 4:1-11/Mk 1:40-45 REFLECTION Today’s Gospel we see Jesus breaks the boundaries of clean and unclean as response to a leper’s request for cleansing and inclusion to the community. An unclean person had not necessarily committed a sin, but was not fit to worship God. Apart from the work