CFA Repeats Winning Performance at CMMA

CFA’s Publications Department continued its winning streak at the 33rd Annual Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA) by garnering three awards announced on October 19, 2011: Gospel K Magazine for High School was named Best Youth Magazine for 2011, making it the second year in a row that Gospel K has won in this category. The


Jeep Load Carries Anti-Corruption Video

“The Good Trip” is the title of CFA’s newest video production, which brings together a microcosm of society in a jeepney and scrutinizes corruption and integrity practices in the daily lives of ordinary Filipinos. The video follows the interactions of passengers, representing specific segments of society, inside a jeepney as it leaves the terminal and


Pondo Poster Design Rules Clarified

The Pondo ng Pinoy Community Foundation has issued a clarification in connection with the ongoing Poster Design Contest, which is jointly staged by the Foundation and CFA. The clarification is the result of inquiries received regarding Rule #3 of the contest, which states: “The contest is open to beneficiaries of institutions and organizations that have