QR Codes in CFA Magazines Take Readers Beyond Printed Pages

Recognizing the growing popularity of Smartphones and tablets (especially among the young), the Publications Department of the Communications Foundation for Asia has started using QR codes in its magazines. QR (short for Quick Response) codes are matrix barcodes that may be read by an imaging device, such as a Smartphone or tablet with a camera


Down Syndrome Doesn’t Keep Girl From Excelling

What are the chances of an ordinary teenager to represent the Asia-Pacific region in an international event like the World Winter Games? One in a million? What are the chances of a youngster with Down Syndrome to accomplish that feat? Make that one-in-a-million multiplied many times over. And yet, 16-year-old Brina Maxino, a senior high-schooler


CFA Joins Pre-Election Youth Congress

The Communication Foundation for Asia joined a 2,000-strong army of young election workers in “Kilos Kabataan,” held March 8 in Pasig Catholic College. Mostly high school students from the National Capital Region, the students gained an introduction on how to help safeguard the coming mid-term poll. Also known as CHAMP 2013, Kilos Kabataan was conducted


Komiks Creation/Appreciation Course Set 25-26 April

Designed for comics writers, illustrators and Christian Living teachers who use comics in their classrooms, a workshop/seminar titled “The Gospel According to Komiks” is to be conducted by CFA on 25-26 April 2013. The topics to be covered in the course are the following: – Theory of comics and sequential art – Effective storytelling –

Development Communication in an Urban Setting

By Clodualdo del Mundo, Jr. CFA Consultant (From the book Philippine Mass Media: A Book of Readings, edited by Clodualdo del Mundo, Jr., published by the Communication Foundation for Asia: Manila, 1986) Development communication is mentioned so often in the media and in countless seminars that it seems that communicators understand what it means. We