Magazine on Social Doctrines “Resurrects” as e-Zine

The Communication Foundation for Asia is reviving its Action Now magazine, this time in e-zine format. The photojournalistic magazine first saw print in the late 60s. As before, the new Action Now will focus on the social doctrines of the Church. To download your free copy of the maiden issue, visit http://tinyurl.com/oxf8jkb .


CFA Workshop to Address Educators’ Concerns on K-12

An international education expert, Henri (“Henk”) Ankoné, will meet with Philippine educators and school administrators in a CFA-sponsored workshop, “The Challenges of K-12.” The workshop is scheduled on October 14, 2015 in CFA’s Lagerwey Hall in Sta. Mesa, Manila. Organizers say the workshop is meant to address educators’ concerns about K-12, including: “How do I