Call for Nomination:

1st Lagerwey Awards for Communication Excellence

Call for Nomination: 1st Lagerwey Awards for Communication Excellence

In various areas of CFA’s advocacies, namely:

• Peace
• Social Justice ;
• Democracy and Social accountability ;
• Environment Stewardship • Environment Stewardship
• Youth Engagement
• Transformative Digital Citizenship
• Community Building
• Family Integrity
• Values Formation
A way of recognizing the potential of our young people and honoring the school which continuously forms and guides them. ELIGIBILITY
1. The nominee should be a bonafide grade 7 to 12 student enrolled in the current school year.
2. Nominee should not have any failing grade or disciplinary action within the school year.
3. Nominee should be one of the main creators of the contents submitted.
4. The works submitted must be part of the school or organization’s program.
5. Works can also be part of the parish or community program.

Please submit 5 sets of the required documents together with the Nomination Form. Each set must be placed in an unmarked long brown envelope.
1. At least 3 samples of the nominee’s works. Works considered are any of the following
a. Newsletter, brochures, pamphlets and other printed material
b. Social media posts
c. Website creation or management
d. Visual aids
e. Audio Video production
f. Plays and performances
g. Training Workshops, talks and the like
2. Submission per type as follows:
a. Printed materials: photocopy of actual work and the editorial box showing the nominee’s name and contribution
b. Social media -Screenshot of blog or social media post with date published
c. Audio-video production and performances – upload copy/recording to Google Drive and share link or mp4 copies in DVD
d. Visual aids – actual copy
e. Images, photos and the like – actual copy and link to published material
f. Training workshop – photos of actual training, copy of training outline and at least 5 evaluation from participants
3. Submit a certification letter from the school principal or directress or head attesting that the works submitted were created by the nominee. If the works to be submitted are part of the parish or community program, a letter from the parish priest or the head of the parish commission or the head of the community group should be attached to the work.
4. Letter of recommendation from the club/ org supervising teacher or its equivalent
5. Certificate of Good moral character and No Failing Grade, with school seal
6. An essay with a maximum of 500 words from the nominee answering the question, “How can communication be instrumental to total human development?”