Peace Camp Participants Reunite

NOV 10TH 2006

November 10 marked the reunion of “Impressions of Conflict, Expressions of Peace” camp participants at the CFA Training Room. In a brief yet meaningful reunion, some 20 high school students of Ramon Avanceña High School in Quiapo reminisced about the friendship and peace forged during the 5-day camp in May 2006.

Opening the get-together was CFA Executive Director Ms. Terry Hermano. She inspired participants to stay committed to the cause of peace especially in view of the three-year partnership between CFA and their group. Once again, the participants were thrilled to review the video documentary, which colorfully presented their camp experience.

It was also a time of sharing lessons learned and lived even as they are back in school. In an activity called “Dear Friend”, the students were asked to write to a certain friend about how they had changed since the camp. Most letters spoke of new-found friendships between Christians and Muslims and of hope that other young people of both religions may join them in the gradual transformation towards solidarity and peace.

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