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Maskara (2015)

CFA relives its tradition of using film to talk about the country’s most pressing issues by producing an independent film: Maskara. Writer Sal dela Tierra explores integrity and corruption through romance, suspense and action. Maskara is an official entry of the World Premieres Film Festival Philippines 2015 under the Filipino New Cinema section.

Sugat Sa Ugat (1984)

Tradition versus modernization is the theme of this full-length movie wherein a traditionally agricultural town is faced with the dilemma of industrialization. Directed and co-scripted by Ishmael Bernal, this film was chosen as an entry to the Berlin Film Festival and distributed internationally by a German film company.

People Media (1982)

Co-scripted and directed by FAMAS award winner Doy del Mundo, the 15-minute film gives an overview of the various media processes in the country. Highly visual and purposely abstract in its approach, it creates the mood and delivers its message as it asks: for whom should media be? Third place winner of the 1982 ECP Short Film Festival.

People of the Cordillera (1982)

A film on the different communities of the people of Northern Cordillera, bringing to fore economic and social problems of these small tribes and the conflict between preserving tradition and modernization.

Manubu and Ganu (1977)

A parable about life today. It is a powerful and sensitive discovery of life’s meaning by a little boy and contains insights into such problems as industrialization, pollution, progress and poverty.

A Day in the Life of A Scavenger (1975)

A documentary on a day in the life of a 42-year old club-footed widow who scavenges to support herself and her children. She talks of her joys and anxieties, memories and hopes for her children while trodding from garbage can to dump heap.

Batingaw (The Bells of San Jose) (1974)

A full-length movie on family, community and responsible parenthood. Winner of two awards at the 1974 Asian Film Festival and one FAMAS award for Best Supporting Actor for Van de Leon. Also stars Boots Anson Roa.

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