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Gospel K Magazine

Gospel K Magazine

Gospel K Magazine (GKM) for High School addresses high school readers’ interests and concerns about faith and its relevance to their lives. Following the tradition of the original Gospel Komiks, Gospel K Magazine presents the Sunday Gospel by way of true-to-life comics stories. As an effective teachers’ aid for religious instruction and discussion, Gospel “K” Magazine complements Religion as Core Curriculum (RCC) programs in schools.

Click here to download the Dec 2013 – Jan 2014 issue of Gospel Komiks Magazine.


Gospel Komiks Magazine is designed to be a supplemental reading material for religious instruction, specifically for Christian Living classes.

  • • Lessons from the Gospel – brings the teachings of the Gospel to students in a way they can easily understand
  • • What’s in it for me? – helps students apply what they learn from the Gospel even through simple ways
  • • Looking Inside You – questions that brings self-reflection from the learnings of the Gospel
  • • To Your Family and Friends / At Home / At School / To Others – challenges students to apply what they learned from the Gospel with their personal relationships
  • • My Future – questions on how students can practice the gospel values for the betterment of their future
  • • Faithlife – questions on how students can strengthen their faith and bring themselves closer to God
  • • Prayer – short prayer in relation to the Sunday Gospel in gratitude to our Lord
  • • CineKomiks – your favorite movies from the past till present are remade in an easy to understand comics format
  • • Must See/Must Read – recommends books or movies to readers and providing short reviews on each of them
  • • Special Feature – different articles ranging from the latest news that capture students interests to articles helping them discover their best self
  • • Playlist – list of gospel or inspirational songs that can encourage students in their daily lives and in their relationship to God.

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