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Gospel Notebook

Gospel Notebook

Formerly called Jesus Magazine which was launched in 1990, Gospel Notebook addresses the need for a Gospel Komiks publication for young elementary pupils. Today, Gospel Notebook continues the concept of Jesus Magazine, to be the ideal reading material for kids and a must companion for their Christian Living subjects plus:.

  • • More activities to relate Gospel stories with practical experiences
  • • More skills building lessons for reading comprehension and pre-literacy
  • • Can be referenced by parents and teachers who wants to explore the world of Jesus


Gospel Notebook features attractively illustrated stories and articles with accompanying teachers’ guides. It contains fun learning exercises that help children grow in their understanding of the faith. Weekly Gospels are illustrated in comics’ format and in a way that kids can easily understand.

Gospel Notebook focuses on the Catholic values and features them one by one every issue. Each of these values is expounded through different sections such as:

  • • Happy Me! – improve the self-awareness and self-confidence of the growing child
  • • Earth’s Best Friend – teaches kids to be conscious of timely environmental matters
  • • #FunArt – a kiddie workshop that helps practice children’s creativity
  • • Batang Pinoy – inspires a sense of nationalism among children through culturally relevant stories
  • • Holiday Highlights – a brief funny cartoon about the different national holidays
  • • Epoy – a “fill-up the comic balloon” activity that stars Epoy, a boy who is a good example to his friends
  • • Ay Mali – a short comic that teaches young readers what not to do
  • • Jessy – the main character of Jesus Magazine. Jessy and his friends show their young readers how to practice Christian values and habits.

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