B+ Komunikathon

B+ Komunikathon

Target : 20 schools – max of 12 pax + 3 teachers ( 1 group = 4 students with 1 teacher)

Date: September 12-13, 2019


Summary: Build a Solution against Cyberbullying, Fake News and Digital Privacy.

Challenges :

What can we do to protect younger netizens from harmful online content?
How do we help online community verify information?
How do we promote positive dialogue and community engagement to counter hate, exclusivity, fragmentation?
Basic Mechanics :
Each school will have 3 groups of 4 members and 1 teacher coach.
Each group will address one of the above themes and present a doable solutions to the questions presented
Solution can take any form but must address and distributed to the digital community
Mentors will be present to coach or offer guidance for a limited amount of time


Contact No: 02-7132979