Love Allows Where Law Forbids

15 July 2011

Today’s Readings: Ex 11:10—12:14 / Mt 12:1-8

When the Pharisees see Jesus’s discipleship picking grain on a Sabbath, they accuse him of breaking the law, Jesus defends the disciples by citing how David and his soldiers satisfied their hunger by eating holy bread in the tabernacle, which only priests were supposed to eat. If he argues, priests serving in the temple are exempted from observing the Sabbath law, then those who are serving a cause greater than the temple may also claim to such an exemption.

In today’s Gospel, Jesus places human needs above religious regulations. As Lord of the Sabbath he has the authority to reinterpret the meaning and requirements of the Sabbath.

The law which is God’s gift to us finds its meaning when mercy transcends legalism and when love allows where law forbids.

Jesus challenges us to exercise genuine charity and not to be enslaved by the law which forbids us to be less human.

Loving Father , teach us to look beyond the legalism of the law. Make us more compassionate to others regardless of time and place.

In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

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