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In June 2009, CFA launched a new publication, Gospel Now. This bi-monthly magazine is intended to make the study of the Gospels “layman-friendly.” This is reflected in its slogan GNOW AUG-SEPT 16-1 small– “Everyday Gospel for everyday people.”

Gospel Now relates the Good News to familiar situations and everyday applications, in the same way that Christ made use of parables to “popularize” deep teachings. Every issue of the magazine contains a mixture of feature articles, comics stories, interesting character sketches, even games. Sunday Gospels are explained through easy-to-understand commentaries and helpful study guides. Hard sayings of the Bible are demystified. The people, places, tools and lifestyles of Biblical times are brought back to life through encyclopedic tools, such as maps, charts, pictures and illustrations.

This magazine caters to young readers (especially those of late-high school and early college age), but most adults will find it appealing as well.

Here’s a sampling from Gospel Now’s recent issue:

  • In a CSI-type forensic investigation, medical opinions and eyewitness accounts are used to answer the mystery, Did Jesus Really Rise from the Dead?
  • In a comics story featuring the Good News Kids, a school dropout with a sound knowledge of doctrine brings the Good News to a remote village – thus validating the saying, “Whoever is not against us is for us.”
  • A disease cripples physicist Stephen Hawking and deprives him of speech, but he continues to search for God in the cosmos. His story echoes the Gospel about the crippled man who wouldn’t give up until he receives healing from Christ.

Click here to download the Dec 2013 – Jan 2014 issue of Gospel Now.


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