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CFA BooksCFA has been publishing books since its establishment in the early 1970s. But many of the titles are no longer available and therefore, are excluded from the list. A few of the books mentioned here are also out-of-print, but are listed because of their significance in the history of CFA.

A. Scripture/Bible:

  • The Picture Bible – Old and New Testament stories beautifully illustrated in full color. Philippine edition, in newsprint or book paper, soft or hard cover.
  • Biblia Na Isinalarawan – six-volume Bible comics published in Tagalog with colorful illustrations. Newsprint. (OUT OF PRINT)
  • Biblia Nga Linarawan (1972) – a three volume Bible published in Cebuano with colorful illustrations. Newsprint. (OUT OF PRINT)

B. Faith Experiences:

  • A Fool Or A Man Of Faith (1981) – a biographical account of Fr. Cornelio Lagerwey, MSC of his missionary work in the Philippines from his humble beginnings to the establishment of the Communication Foundation for Asia. Written by Jan Derix.
  • Life and Death in the Philippines – a biographical sketch of Fr. Paul Bussard, his travels and experiences in the country, with revealing reflections and anecdotes. Published in newsprint.
  • Faith-Experience in the Emerging Church of Mindanao-Sulu – The book chronicles insights and exposes of the struggles of Mindanao-Sulu communities adhering to basic Christian teachings. Edited by Fr. Filoteo C. Pelingon, msc, and Aimee Ramirez. Published in newsprint.
  • Pondo Stories (2007) – booklet of articles on Pondo ng Pinoy’s “Theology of the Crumbs”, with illustrated stories of the nationwide beneficiaries of the evangelization and charity program of the Archdiocese of Manila.
  • Film And Faith (2008) – by international film reviewer Fr. Peter Malone, MSC, The book comprehensively covers and supplements the themes presented during the series of Film and Faith seminars conducted by the author at CFA, starting with the basic human drives, to the search for God in films.
  • Film, Faith and the Church (2009) – newest book by Fr. Peter Malone, MSC. The book takes us on another journey of faith-discovery and faith-building through cinema. This time he focuses on films on varied facets of spirituality, on the Church and the very human representatives who work in God’s name.

C. Development Communication Training Manuals

  • Short Film (1985) – by Nick Deocampo. Examines the historical and creative aspects of Philippine contemporary short films, citing some samples by prominent filmmakers. In newsprint.
  • Philippine Mass Media (1986) – Edited by Clodualdo del Mundo Jr. An anthology of academic articles on the business and cultural aspects of media in the Philippines and their emerging role. Published in book paper and newsprint.
  • Soundslides As Group Media (1985) – by Nelson L. Abril. This is a manual on how to prepare and organize a soundslide presentation from planning to post-production. Newsprint.
  • Communication Research (Revised Edition, 1991) – Written by Cora Arboleda. This book provides communication researchers with the knowledge and methodology needed to design and conduct research studies. Newsprint.
  • Radio Drama Scriptwriting (1983) – by Noel T. de Leon. This teach-yourself book on the rudiments and fundamentals of creative scriptwriting for radio soap operas is intended for all budding and beginning radio scriptwriters. Newsprint.
  • Writing for Film (1981) – by Cloudualdo del Mundo, Jr., is a must for aspiring film writers. The book is designed to help film writing enthusiasts realize the film in their minds into a screenplay. Published in newsprint.
  • Low-Cost Visual Aids (1981) – edited by Grace Fernando. This is a self-study guide on visual applications and productions, showing how inexpensive instructional aids using local materials can be used as tools for education and development. Newsprint.
  • Komiks Magazine Scriptwriting (1980) – Written by Ramon Marcelino. This teach-yourself book explains the ground rules of comics scriptwriting for magazines. Newsprint.
  • Manual on Media Education – the book delves into the communication process, mass media and journalism, describing how the country’s print, radio, television and film media have evolved up to martial law in 1972. Newsprint.
  • Communication Challenges Of Our Time: An Asian Perspective (1985) – Edited by Teresita Z. Hermano. The book presents conference papers, discussions, analyses, impact assessment and strategic plans for development communication training in Asia. Published in book paper.
  • From the Village to the Medium (1976) – Edited by Demetrio Maglalang. A collection of the most interesting case studies and project experiences by CFA executives and consultants, which serves as a good introduction to development communication and CFA’s pioneering work. In newsprint.
  • Communication and Development – Edited by Conrado Benitez. This as a compilation of articles and papers by noted experts in communication and development, particularly on the use of communication for the total development of the people. Published in newsprint.
  • Monograph on Development Communication (1990) – Edited by Fely Soledad – Collection of lectures and papers presented at the first National Congress on Development Communication by various devcom practitioners and academics.

D. CFA’s other books (including the Foundation Book Series), which are now out-of-print, covered the following topics:

  • Theology and Traditions
  • Church and Organizations
  • Christian Social Life and Christian Renewal
  • Civic Education Series of Primers
  • Other Special Publications Your browser may not support display of this image.

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Communication Foundation for Asia is a pioneer in development communication. It was established in 1968 as a non-stock, non-profit organization, but its origins go way back to 1960, when the Social Communications Center was born with the publication of the Philippine Catholic Digest. Both organizations were founded by the Dutch missionary, Fr Cornelio Lagerwey, MSC, in collaboration with his mission partner Genaro V. Ong.

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