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Pambata Magazine

Pambata Magazine

Pambata Magazine was launched in 1979, the United Nations’“International Year of the Child.” This marked the start of CFA’s successful venture into educational comics and magazine publishing for children. Originally a monthly, Pambata is now published 5 times a school year, starting with the June-July issue and ending with February-March.

Pambata has received several awards, including special citations from the Philippine Board on Books for Young People (1999) and the Catholic Mass Media Awards (2000).


Pambata is an academic supplement for grade school students, providing useful reading material for such subjects as Science, Math, English and Social Sciences. Through fun-filled activities and interesting articles, Pambata strives to make learning more easily assimilated and applied.

Pambata Magazine’s pages are full of informative features on science and technology, grammar and vocabulary, history and geography, health, mathematics, literature and the arts.


  • • A supplementary reading material for grade school subjects.
  • • Contains interactive games and exercises that stimulate interest.
  • • Engages the imagination, analytical thinking and investigative learning of the young.
  • • Stories can be used as assigned readings for class reporting or discussions.
  • • Enriches young readers’ vocabulary.

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