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Radio Dramas

Unos sa Paraiso (2001)

This family drama series was based on real or true-to-life stories sent in by listeners. The 67 episodes of this weekly 30-minute series are inspirational, focusing on how families cope with issues and challenges in their daily lives. Won CMMA Best Radio Drama Award in 2002.

Sa Dibdib ng Langit (1997-98)

This is a weekly half-hour drama series of true-to-life stories of people overcoming adversity. The 48 episodes revolved around the themes of self-discipline and self-reliance.

Bata, Karapatan Mo… Ipaglaban Mo! (1994)

The plight of Filipino children today and how their rights are being violated were dramatized in 26 episodes and aired over eight radio stations nationwide.

Kung Kailangan Mo Ako (1993)

A 30-minute Christian renewal drama that explains the doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church, aired over 19 radio stations.

Mga Daing sa Paraiso/Masdan Mo ang Kinabukasan (1991)

Drama series on social forestry programs in eight Philippine dialects.

Kapirasong Langit sa Lupa (1989)

Drama program in 72 parts on the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) broadcast nationwide over 50 AM stations. Won Catholic Radio Award for Best Radio Drama Episode in 1990.

Pananagutan sa Bayan (1987)

Daily-ending series of 54 episodes on the accountability of public officials and the value of true service to the people; aired over 50 AM stations. Won Catholic Radio Award for Best Drama Story in 1988.

Pasya ng Bayan (1986)

Drama series in 48 parts on the Preamble of the 1986 Philippine Constitution. Stories were drawn from the lives of ordinary Filipinos, which reinforce democratic values and encourage people’s participation in the 1987 Plebiscite. Aired nationwide in 50 stations.

Buhay Lansangan (1980)

Docu-drama on the experiences of street sweepers, sidewalk vendors, newspaper and delivery boys, policemen and similar characters who try to earn a decent living in the streets.

Isang Dipa… Langit (1979-94)

True-to-life stories showing a better life within reach if people learn to help themselves and each other. CFA’s longest running radio series was cited by the Catholic Mass Media Awards (CMMA) during its 15 years of broadcast on DZRH.

True Confession (1978-80)

True-to-life domestic crises and secrets with underlying positive moral and social values. Produced in 1978, the daily series was aired for three years.

Silang Mga Uliran (1977-78)

Series on the lives of successful or model Filipinos, containing interviews with the real person whose life story is featured. Aired 5 days a week for more than a year.

Panginorin (1974-79)

Inspirational drama series based on real-life stories with positive moral and social values. Aired on DZRH and provincial stations 5 days a week for 5 years, it topped the national ratings several times during its run.

Silahis (1973-74)

A weekly series of 30-minute radio dramas on social issues such as land reform, civic education, social services, economic reform, moral values.

CFA Audio-Magazines

Ugnayang Pilipino (1983)

A cassette magazine series designed to keep OFWs connected with their home country. It contained newsbits, interesting features and music, spiritual reflection, words of wisdom and inspiration. Won a Special Award for Group Media from CMMA in 1983.

Landas ng Buhay (1985)

A cassette magazine series containing a half-hour drama on a Bible story, followed by a reflection and homily by a priest. Won a Special Award from CMMA in 1986.

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