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Video Documentaries and TV Productions

Vote 4 U (2007)

A 3-part TV reality game show designed to show young voters the importance of choosing the right candidates during elections. It features a contest between 3 teams of students whose decisions on how to conduct political campaigns, how to vote wisely and how to protect the vote are all analyzed by a political commentator who also acts as a gamemaster.

Gospel Komiks – The TV Series (2006)

20 episodes of the half-hour TV series based on CFA’s best selling comics magazine, with a contemporary story dramatizing the message of the weekly Gospel followed by a discussion of its theme and lessons.

Filipina (2005)

A four-minute video introduction prepared for the feminist Centennial Film Festival, showing the development of Filipino women’s associations from the time of the babaylan to the present day women’s movement and People Power.

Pondo Ng Pinoy (2004)

A primer on the newly-launched pastoral program of the Ecclesiastical Province of Manila which provides concrete expression of the Church’s social teaching to “promote the good of every man and of the whole man.”

Call To Be Good News (2003)

Presenting highlights from an impressive mix of resource speakers from the 4th World Meeting of Families, this video serve as a timely wake-up call for all Christian families to get involved in this urgent crusade to save the family.

The Phenomenon (1995)

Video-documentary on the visit of Pope John Paul II to the Philippines in January 1995. Aired on ABC Channel 5.

Mother of Perpetual Help Novena (1989)

17 episodes on the Virgin Mary; aired twice weekly in Tagalog and English in two TV stations.

Pinoy Overseas (1989)

Weekly 30-minute program showing the different hardships as well as triumphs of Filipino Overseas Contract Workers (OCW).

Chikiting Patrol (1989)

30-minute educational program for children, portrayed through games, co-produced by CFA.

Father, Puede ba Iyon? (1989)

One-hour weekly television program which tackles basic Christian issues and discusses the significance of the daily lives of Filipinos.

TV Gospel Komiks (1989)

Semi-animated television series as a one-hour weekly, depicting true-to-life stories stressing life’s message based on Gospels.

Paano Bang Kausapin Ang Diyos? (1988)

A four-episode series about young people and the pains of growing up, focusing on such issues as (a) drug abuse and parental negligence, (b) overcoming poverty, (c) social involvement and false ideologies, and (d) early marriage and family responsibility. The series was aired over Channel 13. Won Plaque of Recognition from Catholic Television Awards for Best Drama Story.

Beyond EDSA (1987)

An 8-episode television series in celebration of the first anniversary of the February 1986 EDSA Revolution combining the documentary-interview-musical entertainment approach. Each episode enhances the directions of Filipino society “Beyond the EDSA Revolution”. This was produced and aired over Channel 4 and 13.

People Power: The Philippine Experience (1986)

A documentary on the events that changed the course of Philippine history, from the Ninoy Aquino assassination in 1983, through the Snap Presidential Election up to the demonstration of “People Power” at EDSA, which toppled the Marcos regime in February 1986.

This was produced and shown nationwide with Manila broadcast on Channel 13 on June 12 and replayed on July 4 of the same year. Over 5,000 VHS copies were sold at the time. Also shown in Beijing, Australia, Bangkok, and in a number of European countries.

11 Days in August (1983)

The only documentary made at that time on the historic 11 days from the assassination of Ninoy Aquino to his funeral, with exclusive interviews of several members of the Aquino family and of many ordinary Filipinos who joined the long funeral march to prove that their hero was not alone.

Balikbayan (Homecoming) (1983)

A U.S.-based Filipino doctor accompanies his retired father on a return trip to the Philippines and finds himself torn between going back to a lucrative practice in America and an urgent need to help the rural folks of his birthplace. This six-hour mini-series was produced in 1982 and aired over three days on primetime on ABS-CBN Channel 2.

Pambata At Iba Pa (1983)

A 30-minute fun-filled educational TV series for children, packed with field trips, answers to kids’ questions, words explained, child celebrity portion and short story. This CFA production was aired on IBC Channel 13.

The 20th Century Filipino Family (1982)

A documentary featuring the Filipino Family of the past and the present time. It touches on morality, religion, education, social values and the new lifestyles that have gained acceptance in some quarters that once adhered to conservative ways.

Kutitap (Sparkle) (1981-82)

A children’s catechetical show focused on parables and parallel contemporary stories, produced in 1981 and aired on RPN Channel 9 from the same year up to 1982. Winner of the 1981 CMMA for Outstanding Children’s show.

Lorenzo Ruiz (1981)

The story of a lowly escribano from Binondo who was martyred in Japan in 1637 for refusing to renounce the Christian Faith and who became the first Filipino to be beatified by the Roman Catholic Church in rites performed by Pope John Paul II in Manila, 1981. This was produced and aired nationwide via satellite on RPN Channel 9.

Bata, Saan Ka Patungo (Child, Where Are You Going?) (1981)

A documentary on underprivileged children and how they react to their situation. Winner of CMMA special award for the International Year of the Child, in Filipino and English.

Ang Pagsulong ng Diwa’t Gawa Nina Mang Juan (1981)

A documentary on non-formal education. The focus is on the Department of Rural Reconstruction and the Mother Rosa Memorial Foundation.

Batang Pinoy (1980-81)

An educational children’s show featuring puppets interacting with actors in skits and stories with social and cultural values. Produced by CFA in 1980 and aired on MBS Channel 4 until 1981.

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