Communication Foundation for Asia

Changes the world, one story at a time

Welcome to Communication Foundation for Asia

At Communication Foundation for Asia (CFA), we've been on a remarkable journey since 1968, pioneering the field of development communication in the Philippines.

Our mission is to harness the power of communication to promote Christian values and empower individuals, contributing to social transformation. Here’s a closer look at our story, our mission, and our programs:

What we do

Communication Foundation for Asia is a multifaceted organization that produces impactful multimedia content, including video documentaries and TV programs, addressing critical societal issues.

Multimedia Productions

We excel in multimedia production, crafting compelling video documentaries and TV programs. Our content addresses a wide range of social and cultural issues, sparking discussions and inspiring change. We believe in the power of visual storytelling to inform and engage diverse audiences.

Educational & Religious Publications

We are committed to producing educational and religious publications. Our materials are distributed to over three hundred thousand student subscribers nationwide. These publications serve as valuable resources for learning, reflection, and spiritual growth.

Training & Media Initiatives

At CFA, we believe in the power of media events to foster dialogue and social change. We organize a range of events, including film festivals, peace communication camps, environmental forums, and traveling photo exhibits.

"Empowering Through Communication"

At CFA, we believe in the power of storytelling, and we’ve made it our mission to address pressing social issues, empower the underserved, and nurture spiritual growth. Through video documentaries, educational publications, training workshops, and engaging media events, we ignite conversations, instill knowledge, and drive action.

Our Partners