By: Maira Baguio
August 2020

Now more than ever, we want to stay connected to everyone on social media. ICYMI, we kicked off the launching of our “Kwentoliko”, “Tigatik ng Dunong”, and series of music videos on our Facebook page. The “Kwentoliko” series is a must-watch whenever you feel troubled or disheartened. Our very own Fr. Edwin Borlasa, MSC, narrates the faith-empowering life stories and experiences from fellow Catholics.

Meanwhile, people may be apart in celebrating the Catholic festivities nowadays, still, we can make it extra meaningful by appreciating its significance and rich roots, which are often unheard of. Our “Tigatik ng Dunong” series, from being a collection of trivias presented in photos were transformed into videos, making the learning of facts more exciting for everyone.

Our online content have been informative, insightful, and inspirational. We believe that even the simplest acts of encouragement really matter in these trying times. We virtually gathered and sang our sincerest hopes through the songs “Keep Holding On” and “One Day” in our music videos dedicated to fallen heroes and fighting frontliners.

Physical barriers just made virtual connections stronger than before. Our informative online content paired with positive vibes has definitely been one of the best ways to keep the connection going and growing.