E-learning is now a few clicks away with E-CLIC

By: Maira Baguio

MARCH 17TH 2009

One moment, learning is done in schools and classrooms, and the next thing we knew, blended learning has become the new normal. Teachers found themselves managing virtual classrooms and communicating with students online. It instantly our educators needed help in shifting to digital, giving us the idea to launch ‘E-CLIC’ or the ‘E-Courses on Learning & Innovations For the Community’.

It is truly amazing how we created a community of teachers and parents helping one another. We offered them fully-loaded sessions on e-learning practices, digital literacy, training samplers, and virtual roundtable discussions, just to name a few. What keeps us going and planning for more sessions is the eagerness we saw from our educators in learning a new set of skills and practices. We also salute the parents for exploring distance learning with their children.

With the collaborative effort between parents, teachers, and students, e-learning became easier than it seemed before. E-CLIC is a continuous journey guiding us to the world of e-learning. Embracing the new normal in learning just became a few clicks away.