A Magical Day: Gospel TV Launch

by Daryl Elize Bañez
4th April 2019

Excerpt from Gospel Komiks TV’s Episode 1.

As a kid, did your parents read storybooks to you? Did you enjoy it? Have you read “Gospel Komiks” when you were in school? If you answer “Yes!” to both, then I bet you are all excited that our well-loved Gospel Komiks is now animated. “Gospel Komiks TV (GKTV): Mga kwento ni Ate G” was launched on January 18, 2019 at the CFA Lagerwey Hall. GK continues to be the most popular publication of CFA even after almost 40 years. But since we are now in the digital age, we have upgraded it to better capture the eyes and hearts of our young audience. Hence, we gave life to the GK characters with the help of our funding partner, Kindermissionswerk.

Around 40 kids from the Manila Day Care Center participated in the event. They came dressed in their favorite superhero and fantasy character costumes. They all watched the first episode of GKTV entitled “Small Does Not Mean Irrelevant.” This is a story of a boy named Enrico who is short and lanky. He is part of the basketball team in his school. His coach thinks that he cannot contribute to his team because of his physical appearance. But it changes when during the championship he scores high and their team wins the game. The moral that the story wishes to emphasize is that even if you are small, you can do big things. After the show, Ms. Mary Ann Crisostomo, Marketing Communication staff of CFA and host of the event, told the kids about the background story of “Ate G,” the storyteller in the show. Adding up to the excitement, Ms. Airezz Resco from the Facilities Department asked them questions related to the story. And they gave prizes to those with correct answers. In return, the children showed their appreciation to us by doing an intermission number; they performed the Salvation Song (Filipino version) from the Superbook Animation Series. They also modelled their adorable costumes and those who really dressed the part were awarded as Best in Costume. It was a fun-filled event for the children, their teachers, and guardians.

Gospel Komiks TV: Mga Kwento ni Ate G airs at TV Maria from January 28, 2019 and every Tuesdays and Thursdays onward, 9:30AM and 4:30PM. Each episode will run for a week.