Mga Awit ng mga Bagong Bida On Air

Apr 26th 2013

Songs taken from the CFA-produced music CD, Awit ng Mga Bagong Bida, are currently airing over DZUP (1602 DZUP – AM) every Wednesday on its radio program “Talatugtugan” from 11AM – 12NN. DZUP is the community radio of UP Diliman which goes on air daily from 10AM – 8PM. Listeners can also tune in to a livestream of their broadcast at

Awit ng mga Bagong Bida was a national songwriting competition that gathered dozens of entries from young songwriters. Their songs were about leadership, good governance, corruption intolerance and youth involvement.

Be sure to catch the following songs on DZUP:

  • Liga ng Mga Kabataan – a pop rock song calling for a new breed of responsible Filipino youth
  • One Vote – an alternative rock song with funky undertones emphasizing what one responsible vote can do to change society
  • Tuloy ang Laban – a rock ballad about continuing the struggle for peace, unity and truth
  • Now or Never – an alternative rock song about the urgency to act for reforms now
  • Sigaw ng Kabataan, Kurapsyon ay Paglabanan – a witty rap song challenging the youth to fight corruption
  • Tambol at Gitara – underground rock that aims to awaken the consciousness of the masses
  • KKK – Third Place winner; alternative rock encouraging the youth to get engaged and make a change
  • Bayan – First Place winner; pop rock song about love for country
  • Other radio stations are being tapped to include these songs in their playlist. Stay tuned!

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