Komiks Creation/Appreciation Course to be Reset

APRIL 15TH 2013

The workshop/seminar on Komiks Appreciation/Creation, which had been scheduled to be held on 25-26 April 2013, has been indefinitely postponed. Teachers, catechists and communicators interested in participating in this two-day workshop on the use of comics for Gospel-sharing may contact the Training Department (E-mail: training@cfamedia.org, tel: 713-2972) for possible rescheduling.

CFA is a pioneer in the use of contemporary comics stories to illustrate Gospel values. It launched Gospel Komiks (for elementary, in English and Filipino versions) in 1980, Jesus Magazine in 1990, Gospel Komiks (now known as Gospel K) Magazine for high school in 1998, and Gospel Now in 2009. The approach that CFA uses in its children’s educational magazines has been continually updated to respond to changing needs in Christian Living education. CFA’s current magazines are in line with the UbD (Understanding by Design) and Religion as Core Curriculum (RCC) approach.