Down Syndrome Doesn’t Keep Girl From Excelling

MARCH 15TH 2013

What are the chances of an ordinary teenager to represent the Asia-Pacific region in an international event like the World Winter Games? One in a million?

What are the chances of a youngster with Down Syndrome to accomplish that feat? Make that one-in-a-million multiplied many times over.

And yet, 16-year-old Brina Maxino, a senior high-schooler from Parañaque’s Holy Francis School, can in fact claim that she did. Brina is the first Filipina (and the first teenager with Down Syndrome) to represent the Asia-Pacific region as Youth Ambassador to the Global Youth Activation Summit (GYAS) held during the Special Olympics 2013 World Winter Games last January in Pyeongchang, South Korea.

Brina’s story—and how she hurdled the obstacles she faced—will be featured in the June-July 2013 issue of Gospel “K” Magazine. Find out from how you may reserve a copy.