Komiks Creation/Appreciation Course Set 25-26 April

MARCH 5TH 2013

Designed for comics writers, illustrators and Christian Living teachers who use comics in their classrooms, a workshop/seminar titled “The Gospel According to Komiks” is to be conducted by CFA on 25-26 April 2013.

The topics to be covered in the course are the following:

  • – Theory of comics and sequential art
  • – Effective storytelling
  • – Traditional and Marvel methods of comics creation
  • – Styles of comics illustration (including realistic, manga, comics noir and 3D)
  • – Basic Bible interpretation
  • – Use of comics for Gospel-sharing
  • – Evolution of comics publishing (from print to Web to apps)

Multi-awarded storywriter and filmmaker Clodualdo “Doy” del Mundo Jr. will lead the discussion on effective storytelling.

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