Real And Fictional Heroes Star In Media Materials For PPCRV

Jan 15th 2013

Both real and make-believe heroes are the main players in the media materials that CFA recently produced for the Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV). The materials include a video talk program, a komiks-magazine and a poster.

Basketball star Chris Tiu is the host of the 16-minute video forum titled “A2Z,” where several students are challenged to prove their awareness of election issues. Multi-awarded film- and videomaker Clodualdo del Mundo Jr. provided the script and direction for the video produced by CFA’s Electronic Media Department for PPCRV’s voters education campaign.

Switching from video to print, CFA Publications Department produced a komiks-magazine titled “The CHAMPs,” after PPCRV’s mantra of clean, honest, accurate, meaningful and peaceful elections. The magazine features the illustrated adventures of four young people as they overcome indifference and get engaged in safeguarding the election. The four young heroes are mostly students, including Jessica Catapang, an 18-year old Pol Sci student and editor of the college paper; Rex Guerrero, the skipper of the varsity taekwondo squad; Marianna Reyes, a senior law student who eats, drinks and breathes law; and Carlito Montes, a computer, math and communications wizard. Together, they challenge corrupt politicians who are out to manipulate elections by guns, goons, gold and greed, and they mobilize their fellow youngsters to bring about CHAMP elections.

The CHAMPs magazine also features articles and games that provide more information on Philippine elections and PPCRV’s role. An entertaining and informative game called “Voters Tsunami” is featured in the center pages. It is a board game that tests the public’s knowledge of Philippine voting processes, and allows those who know the answers to advance in the game.

CFA has also produced a poster featuring a little girl with the message, “Kinabukasan Ko, Nasa Boto Mo” (My Future Depends On Your Vote).

These media materials will be distributed nationwide by PPCRV in connection with its voters’ education campaign. A free PDF version of the komiks/magazine may be downloaded by clicking here. A free digital copy of the poster is also available here.

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