Jeep Load Carries Anti-Corruption Video

Oct 10th 2011

The Good Trip” is the title of CFA’s newest video production, which brings together a microcosm of society in a jeepney and scrutinizes corruption and integrity practices in the daily lives of ordinary Filipinos. The video follows the interactions of passengers, representing specific segments of society, inside a jeepney as it leaves the terminal and travels to its destination. The video employs a light touch on such weighty themes such as Common Good versus Personal Gain, Cynicism and Indifference, Sense of Justice, Social Responsibility and other socio-political issues as news or situational backdrops.

The use of talented non-actors in the cast is intended to make the video more realistic and relatable. The jeepney theme has been chosen because it easily symbolizes the Filipino society being both a work of ingenuity and the most popular form of public transport.

The “Good Trip” will be a 45-minute video with ten 3-minute segments focusing on a specific issue or theme, each addressed to a particular sector. At the end of each segment, Fr. Bert Alejo, SJ, of EHem! will lead a discussion with a focus group.

CFA began principal photography of the video in mid-September and plans to finish post-production by December. A different version of the jeepney stories on anti-corruption will also be produced in print by CFA. The project has the support of Misereor, Germany.

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