Pondo Poster Design Rules Clarified

Oct 10th 2011

The Pondo ng Pinoy Community Foundation has issued a clarification in connection with the ongoing Poster Design Contest, which is jointly staged by the Foundation and CFA. The clarification is the result of inquiries received regarding Rule #3 of the contest, which states: “The contest is open to beneficiaries of institutions and organizations that have received funding assistance from Pondo ng Pinoy. Entries from individuals must be accompanied by endorsements or forwarding letters from such Pondo ng Pinoy project proponents. There is no limit to the number of entries an individual may submit.”

As explained by Pondo ng Pinoy officials, “beneficiaries” include both direct and indirect beneficiaries. This means the contest is open to a larger segment of the communities where Pondo ng Pinoy-funded projects are present. Included here are those who may not have materially benefited from Pondo ng Pinoy, but have been positively influenced by its philosophy of sharing and giving.

All entries to the contest, however (whether from direct or indirect beneficiaries) will require the endorsement by a Pondo ng Pinoy project proponent. Contact points of persons who can endorse would-be contestants, may be obtained from your diocese or parish Pondo ng Pinoy coordinator, or directly from: Pondo ng Pinoy Community Foundation, Pius XII Catholic Center, 1175 UN Ave. cor. Correa St., Paco, Manila. Entry forms may be downloaded from the Pondo website
( www.pondongpinoy.org.ph ) or from the CFA website .

Cash prizes await winners of the Poster Design Contest in two categories – adult and youth. There is no limit to the number of entries that may be submitted to the contest, which runs until January 30, 2012.

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