Tinitingnan, Di Nakikita School Screenings Continue

JULY 13TH 2011

Tinitingnan, Di Nakikita (Looking, Without Seeing), a documentary directed by Clodualdo del Mundo, Jr. for the Communication Foundation for Asia, will have another screening at De La Salle University on July 14, 2011 at 11:20 a.m. The event is organized by the Society of University Fellows of DLSU.

The documentary presents little stories of misery, courage, and dreams. We meet Rose Mae, who lives in Tondo Building 4 and dreams of becoming a lawyer so that she can defend the less fortunate; Rachelle, whose bright spot in life is attending ballet workshops after school; Rey-Ann, who lives beside a crowded cemetery and manages to be a consistent honor student despite skipping a meal or two during the day; Jomar, who lives with his family in a garbage dump and plays goalkeeper for his school’s football team; Jerome, a teenager who gets a diploma from an extension school and finds time to participate in community programs; and street couple Manilyn and Nino, who are now faced with the challenge of bringing up their baby.

These are familiar stories and familiar scenes. We may look at children like these everyday; but do we really see them?

Tinitingnan, ‘Di Nakikita has been shown in the University of Asia and the Pacific. If your school or organization is interested in screening this video on urban poverty, please contact the CFA Training Department at 7132972 or by email training@cfamedia.org.