Rules for New Pondo ng Pinoy Poster Design Contest Announced

JUNE 17TH 2011


The new competition is on the theme Capacity Building and Community Self-Reliance and is open only to Pondo ng Pinoy beneficiaries and those endorsed by Pondo-assisted projects. This time, the contest offers an adult and youth category, with cash prizes for three winners in each category. To download the entry form, please click here.

The complete rules are reproduced below:

1. The contest shall have for its theme, COMMUNITY SELF-RELIANCE AND CAPABILITY- BUILDING, or variations of this theme, including:

  • “Outsiders can help, but insiders must do the work.”
  • “Pondo ng Pinoy can help, but we ourselves must do the work.”
  • “Pondo ng Pinoy is the spark, but we ourselves must be the fire.”
  • “From empty hand, to begging hand, to working hand, to full hand.”

2. The contest shall have an ADULT CATEGORY and a YOUTH CATEGORY (for those 18 years old and below).

3. The contest is open to beneficiaries of institutions and organizations that have received funding assistance from Pondo ng Pinoy. Entries from individuals must be accompanied by endorsements or forwarding letters from such Pondo ng Pinoy project proponents. There is no limit to the number of entries an individual may submit.

4. The use of any art medium, or a combination of media (i.e., mixed media), is allowed. Original photos may also be used; where necessary, written permission by subject persons must accompany the entries. (Said permission must be declared in the preceding Photo Release.)

5. Three-dimensional (i.e., non-flat) art and computer-generated images shall not be accepted.

6. Inclusion of text or copy in the design shall be optional.

7. Copyrighted characters, mascots or symbols may not be included in the design.

8. The contest shall start on the Pondo ng Pinoy anniversary of 09 June 2011, and shall end at the close of business on 30 January 2012.

9. Entries shall be judged according to the following criteria: ORIGINALITY- 35%; VISUAL IMPACT-30% (use of medium, unity of design, composition, color harmony, balance, etc.); VISUAL INTERPRETATION- 35% (how the theme is conveyed through the poster).

10. Entries become the property of the Pondo ng Pinoy Community Foundation and the Communication Foundation for Asia, to be used in the promotion of their institutional objectives.

11. Winning entries shall receive the following prizes:

First prize P20,000 plus trophy P20,000 plus trophy
Second prize P10,000 plus trophy P10,000 plus trophy
Third prize P5,000 plus trophy P5,000 plus trophy

12. Entry forms may be requested from these organizations or downloaded from their websites:

Pondo ng Pinoy Community Foundation, Inc.
Pius XII Catholic Center, UN Avenue, Manila
Communication Foundation for Asia
4427 Old Sta. Mesa, Manila 1016

13. Entries, together with completed Entry Form, should be delivered by courier (or handcarried) to: Pondo ng Pinoy Community Foundation, Inc., Pius XII Catholic Center, 1175 United Nations Ave. corner Correa St., Paco, Manila 1007.