CFA Makes its Stand on the Marcos Burial Issue

JUNE 7TH 2011

The Communication Foundation for Asia has declared its official stand opposing the move to have former President Marcos buried at Libingan ng Mga Bayani.

Earlier, Vice President Jejomar C. Binay had sent a letter to CFA (and presumably to other groups) seeking our stand on “whether the time has come for the late former President Ferdinand E. Marcos to be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.”

CFA replied with a letter faxed to the Vice-President, stating that it had taken some time and effort to provide an authentic reflection of the individual views of the staff as well as the corporate stand of the Foundation. As an organization, CFA has a stand that is based on our mission and vision and our historical body of work and core beliefs. As for our employees’ views, CFA had to conduct a survey of the opinions of our 85 staff before responding.

The stand of the organization and its employees is one and the same: a resounding NO to the proposed move.

As a communication organization, CFA was particularly affected by Marcos’ devastation of media freedoms. CFA’s parent organization, the Social Communications Center, was shut down for some weeks upon the declaration of martial law in September 1972, its executives were imprisoned for one month, and SCC lost its license to publish its regular magazines. Some years later, CFA had to operate under strict media guidelines when it resumed regular publications and documentary production under martial law.

CFA believes that the move to honor Marcos with burial at Libingan ng Mga Bayani will not bring closure, much less reconciliation, among our people because the wounds have never healed — the Marcos family and their associates have never expressed regret or accepted responsibility for their abuses or even admitted mistakes. CFA therefore sees this move as an attempt to rewrite history, to play havoc with our values, and damage irrevocably our sense of justice and fairness.

“Taking this step,” declared CFA executives in their response, “would be more than just a mockery of our democratic ideals and the principles of the People Power revolution, which Filipinos valiantly fought for. It would be a monumental travesty of the Philippine justice system.”

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