Tilamsik 2 Begins Production

MAY 12TH 2011

Tilamsik, CFA’s half-hour program on TV Maria, has started production of its second series of stories on Pondo ng Pinoy beneficiaries. The CFA Electronic Media team recently visited the picturesque island of Marinduque and the bustling tourist destination of Puerto Princesa, Palawan to document the Pondo projects being undertaken by both dioceses.

While Palawan boasts of its year-round beach and holiday attractions, Marinduque showcases its unique Moriones festival and old-town ambiance. However, such good fortune is enjoyed only of a small section of the population as the business opportunities are concentrated in a small area while the majority of the locals still live below poverty line.

Acting as overseers and project managers, both dioceses of Puerto Princesa and Boac have engaged in micro-financing projects through their Basic Ecclesial Communities (BEC). The approach facilitated not only a more disciplined implementation and firmer monitoring system but also a stronger sense of unity and community building, stewardship and self-reliance. These values, which became more evident during the interviews of actual beneficiaries and project implementers, will be used as the theme to stitch the different stories together.

CFA first launched its documentary series Tilamsik on TV Maria in mid-2010. A total of twelve episodes were produced for the first series. This new series will consist of another 12 episodes, and will feature inspiring stories selected by the Pondo ng Pinoy Foundation. CFA’s production has been made possible with the aid of Missio, Germany.

Tilamsik aims to give the Pondo ng Pinoy programs in different parishes and communities a face, a name and a personal story so viewers can feel the impact of the compassion and solidarity of their neighbors who extend their hand and reach out to the remotest areas and poorest communities.