Poverty Video To Go On School Tour

Jan 19th 2011

C initingnan, Di Nakikita (Looking Without Seeing) is the title of CFA’s documentary about children living a hand-to-mouth existence in the slums of Metro Manila, directed by award-winning filmmaker Clodualdo del Mundo, Jr. After its premiere showing at the CFA Lagerwey Hall on November 12th, a tour is being planned for previews of the documentary in schools, to be followed by forums where the issues of social justice and children’s rights can be discussed.

The video documentary tells the stories of six children whose lives, at first look, seem insignificant and hopeless, but in reality, offer more meaning and hope as they embrace their fate without question, but struggle to rise above their condition.

As we get to see each subject’s dire situation and witness the hunger, filth and pain, we see two sides of society: one that is selfish and indifferent, the other, brave and resilient. We meet Rose Mae, who desires to become a lawyer one day so that she can defend the less fortunate; Rachelle, whose pride is in her ability to perform advanced ballet techniques; Rey-Ann, who manages to be a consistent honor student despite skipping a meal or two during the day; Jomar, who wishes to give his family a more comfortable life; teenaged Jerome who finds time to actively participate in community programs; and street couple Manilyn and Niño, who make an effort to save money from their daily earnings for their children’s future.

The video was first presented last November 12 to CFA partners and various church, government and non-government groups working to alleviate poverty in the Philippines. Among the anti-poverty groups in attendance were: Pondo ng Pinoy Foundation, ERDA, Pangarap Foundation, KIDS Foundation Inc., League of Corporate Foundations, Para sa Bata Organization, Assisi Development Foundation and Philippine Christian Foundation. The documentary was produced with the support of Stichting Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

A mini-photo exhibit was mounted at the CFA foyer while writer/director Doy del Mundo introduced the film and shared his experiences and insights during production. The audience shared their perspectives during an Open Forum session after the screening. Feedback was very encouraging as reactions varied from praise for CFA’s efforts, admiration for the courage of the children, and tears of joy from those who were moved by the stories. Several groups have expressed interest in using the film for their own poverty awareness and education programs.

To create a wider and deeper understanding of urban poverty, CFA has initiated discussions with schools to conduct a video forum tour starting January 2011. Interested schools may get in touch with the CFA Training Department at 713-2972.

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