Juana Change Stars in CFA Voters’ Education Video

Dec 22nd 2009

Wanna change? CFA decided to do just that with its new voters’ education video – producing it not as a documentary, but as satirical skits starring the ascerbic, irreverent, but powerfully effective “Juana Change”.

Donning multiple guises, Mae Paner plays Juana Change, whose 3-to 5-minute video skits are hard-hitting social commentaries that have become a hit on You Tube. Upon the invitation of the Communication Foundation for Asia, Mae Paner and her group, Artists Revolution, agreed to provide the scripts (by Rody Vera, Liza Magtoto and Raymond Lee), casting, and direction (by Sockie Fernandez) for a new collection of short satirical episodes of “Juana Change”. Meetings between CFA and Artists Revolution resulted in mutually agreed concepts about key issues in voters’ education. CFA also provided the production facilities, crew and logistics for the project.

Titled “Juana Bida Change”, the production had its premiere showing at the recent Bidahan Youth Summit, which was organized by CEAP with the help of CFA, and attended by more than a thousand student leaders (see related story). The short episodes all used irony and satire to challenge voters to think hard about traditionally held ideas on how to choose the right candidates. The video is suitable for discussion in schools, church groups, community forums and voters’ education workshops.

The episode “Demokrasya (OFF, BuY/FOOL the people)” shows Juana’s concept of democracy changing as she pursues high political ambitions. From her idealism as a child, she becomes influenced by her politician father when she grows older and is exposed to fraud, graft and corruption.

In the segment “Paano Ba Pumili”, Juana Change interviews an applicant and bombards him with questions to gauge his qualifications and suitability for the position. We are challenged to be as meticulous in choosing our candidates.

Utang na Loob” is a parody of a silent movie, in which Juana Change is an ordinary citizen persuaded to vote for a local politician who offers promises of a new basketball court. This triggers dire consequences for her community.

In “10 Commandments (ng Simpleng Panloloko)”, Juana Change is a corrupt politician with her own version of how to win the elections using entertainment as well as exploitation, violence, graft and dirty tricks.

Protecting Your Vote” shows Juana Change as a voter who reminds us that our responsibility does not end after casting our ballot. She challenges us to be vigilant during the counting and even after the officials are elected.

In “Kurapsyon ay Paglabanan”, Juana Change tries her hand at interpreting a rap song which was a finalist in CFA’s recent songwriting contest, challenging the youth to help fight for good governance.

Some Juana Change segments can be viewed on the CFA website via YouTube, or in one complete DVD, available through the CFA Sales office.

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