CFA Receives Donee Status Certification

Dec 22nd 2009

The Philippine Council for NGO Certification (PCNC) has granted a three-year certification for donee institution status to the Communication Foundation for Asia, one month after the visit of the PCNC evaluation team to CFA offices. The certification means that CFA is deemed to have met all the criteria and standards set for NGOs. The PCNC has already sent a board resolution to the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) to confirm CFA’s certification.

The certification to be formalized by the BIR will allow the local donors of CFA to claim tax exemption for their contributions. The formal certification will also mean that CFA is officially recognized as “an NGO of good standing,” a major consideration among funding donors in their choice of organizations to support. The certification, once granted, will boost CFA’s fund-generation activities for the realization of special projects and programs that can help CFA achieve its mission goals in a most effective and sustainable manner.

The entire evaluation process, which took almost a year to complete, culminated in the visit of the PCNC evaluation team on October 7th. The team was composed of three organizational and financial experts selected by PCNC. The evaluators scrutinized CFA’s work in the areas of governance and program operations; of strategic planning and networking; and of financial management and administration. The evaluation utilized a number of process methodologies including an orientation meeting, a review of documents, interviews with top CFA management members, focused group discussions with CFA Board of Trustees members, as well as individual and group interviews with partners and beneficiaries and selected CFA officers and staff.

The evaluation visit was completed in a day. The evaluation interviews ended on a positive note, with the project partners providing favourable feedback, and the evaluators expressing satisfaction that all documents were in order.

Recalling the entire process, CFA executives observed that although CFA is an NGO with a long and established history, new developments in the local NGO certification scene have definitely made it necessary also for CFA to be formally accredited. That is why CFA management made it part of their strategic plans to obtain PCNC certification this year. To ensure its accomplishment, the Administration Department was tasked to coordinate all the preparations for the application.

Early this year, CFA finished gathering and compiling a long list of official documents–many of them financial, administrative and program-related–to be submitted to PCNC. Towards the end of March, when all the required materials had been obtained, CFA formally filed a letter of intent to apply for PCNC accreditation. This set the application process in motion, leading to the evaluation by PCNC.

The PCNC is a private, non-stock, non-profit corporation which evaluates and grants certifications to non-profit organizations that meet the established criteria for financial management and accountabilities in the service of underprivileged Filipinos.

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