CFA Raises Contributions for Flood Victims

Oct 12th 2009

As tropical storm Ondoy unleashed a torrent of rain and havoc over Metro Manila and outlying areas during the weekend of September 26-27, thousands of Filipino families were rendered homeless. CFA employees were not spared. Over a third of them suffered damage to their homes and property, as flash floods rose from knee-high to over the rooftop in the hardest hit areas.

In a show of unity and support for the affected CFA employees, management and staff who were not affected by the flood donated food, old clothes, household utensils and other supplies. The donations were immediately distributed to the victims on September 29th.

The MSC Mission Office-Australia, through the Philippine MSC Mission Office headed by Fr. Lauro Mozo, also gave a cash donation to the flood victims of CFA. This, together with additional contributions from CFA and its executives, provided every employee who had suffered flood damage with a token financial aid, with the hardest hit employees receiving more.

Three employees, all residing in a housing project in Montalban, Rizal, were the most seriously affected. Their houses were submerged in muddy waters; their properties either lost or totally damaged by the flood. The homes and property of other employees living in Bulacan, Antipolo, Cainta, Marikina, Pasig, Mandaluyong, and parts of Sta. Mesa, sustained various degrees of destruction, mostly leaks from damaged ceilings and roofing, as well as damaged appliances and furniture. The CFA president, who was on his way to say mass in Cainta, was stranded and had to abandon his car when he saw the rapidly rising flood water.

The CFA building itself, which is located on higher ground in Sta Mesa, Manila, was safe from the flood, though several leaks appeared in some parts of the building. CFA became a temporary shelter to a number of employees who were doing overtime work over the weekend.

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