CFA Documents 25 years of San Jose Diocese

June 19th 2009

A student-catechist evangelizing other youth. A med-tech priest laying hands on the sick. A farmer spreading the Word of God as a lay minister. A priest bringing new hope to prisoners. A sister-nurse distributing medicines in the barrios. Parishioners of the Diocese of San Jose.

Their testimonies on video are a celebration of 25 years of pastors, nuns, lay and youth proclaiming and witnessing to the love of God and building together dynamic Christian communities (Damayang Kristyano) in the diocese. The video documentary has been produced by the Communication for Asia for Bishop Mylo Hubert Vergara of the Diocese of San Jose to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of his diocese.

The documentary spans two and a half decades of the dynamic Christian community life of the diocese. It narrates the history of the diocese and the expansive work of building Christian communities. It portrays the continuing ministry of Jesus to His people through His priests, religious, lay and youth servants in the diocese. It also shows that through various diocesan ministries, Christ’s loving presence becomes real to every person in the diocese.

To fulfill the vision of his diocese, Bishop Mylo Vergara hopes that “when people experience the love of God, they will become involved and serve in the Lord’s vineyard and become instruments in building Christian communities that will be the means to proclaim the Good News of Christ.”

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