GOSPEL NOW: Changing the Face of Christian Living and Leadership Today

NOV 17TH 2008

Finally, the magazine we have been waiting for.

The Communication Foundation for Asia (CFA) is preparing to launch a new magazine in the coming school year, titled “Gospel Now”. The magazine will present matters of faith and values to students on a whole new level, showing Christian Living as the way of life.

Gospel Now is the newest magazine to join the stable of other CFA titles — Gospel Komiks Magazine, Gospel Komiks, Jesus, Baby Jesus and Pambata – which have been used as supplementary reading materials by elementary and high school students all over the country.

As part of CFA’s Faith Series of publications, Gospel Now will target another level of high school students from Gospel Komiks Magazine. It will reflect the special vision of CEAP (Catholic Education Association of the Philippines) of Youth Empowerment through Engaged Citizenship. It aims to enable students to reflect on their best selves as responsible human beings, citizens and young Filipino leaders in view of faith and morals. This will be particularly relevant in the schoolyear 2009-10, in the lead-up to the presidential elections.

Gospel Now communicates the Gospels, proclaiming its messages in the context of today’s needs. It plants the seeds of values and morality at this time, forming a new generation of Christians who shall heroically uphold the values of excellence, integrity and spirituality.

The new magazine will tap award-winning writers and experienced counselors and sociologists to produce informative and interesting stories and articles that will enhance Christian Living classes.