Pondo ng Pinoy Booklet Launched

SEPT 7TH 2008

Pondo Stories is the title of the special 80-page compilation of the Pondo ng Pinoy booklets recently published by the Communication Foundation for Asia. Five 16-page booklets, full of inspirational articles and illustrated stories, were originally distributed to 80,000 students all over the country who subscribed to Gospel Komiks Magazine in the school year 2007-2008, as well as to 500 dioceses and parishes. The compiled edition of the booklets, with its new cover and layout, aims to reach a wider audience for Pondo ng Pinoy, and to explain and illustrate the gift of sharing through the Pondo movement.

Pondo Stories, according to Archbishop Gaudencio Cardinal Rosales, “are meant to show how the Pondo ng Pinoy ‘philosophy of the little’ and the ‘theology of the crumbs’, when lived and practised, can spell a big difference not just for our less fortunate brothers and sisters but also for those of us who need to share our blessings with others as we follow Christ’s message of love.” Pondo Stories has numerous narratives not only on the beneficiaries of Pondo ng Pinoy, but also on those who worked to support it. One such story is about JayJay, the little boy who worked hard to promote Pondo until his death, and spoke of helping Pondo as part of his dying wishes. The stories are written by award-winning and highly experienced editors and writers of CFA, namely Nick Melgar, Noel de Leon and Cora Despabiladeras.

For the past two years, CFA has been working with the Archdiocese of Manila and the Pondo ng Pinoy Foundation to produce catechetical media materials for the growing Pondo campaign. CFA was able to solicit grants from Missio, Germany, to produce booklets and video documentaries, and organize a poster design contest and poster campaign.