Will We have Enough Food for Tomorrow?

July 25th 2008

C FA invites teachers, students, environmentalists, Coffeehouse friends and the public to the environmental forum entitled “Will we have enough food for tomorrow?

The forum aims to discuss how climate change affects food production and what every individual can do to alleviate impact of climate change.

The resource person is Ms. Corazon de Jesus, Policy Officer of Southeast Asia Regional Initiatives for Community Empowerment (SEARICE), a regional non-government development organization that promotes and implements community-based conservation, development and sustainable use of plant genetic resources in partnership with civil society organizations, government agencies, academic research institutions and local government units in Bhutan, Lao PDR, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. The event will be held on July 4, 2008, Friday, 1:30-5:00 p.m at the CFA Lagerway Hall, 4427 Old Sta. Mesa St., Manila. Registration is free.

For reservations nd inquiry, please contact the CFA Training Department and look for Melissa Cortez or Michelle Duzon at 713-2732, 713-2972, 713-2981 loc. 803. or email training@cfamedia.org, cfamedia_training@yahoo.com


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